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I'm not entirely sure how or why baking became such a passion, nor where it came from, but my grandma has always stuck by the mantra that "a meal isn't complete without a pudding" - I wouldn't go as far as to say that, but the delight that comes from serving up a plate of teatime treats or surprising someone with home-baked goods never falls short of satisfying.

My blog started as a way to document my weekend bakes, which filled many mornings of waking early with the sweet scent of hot-out-the-oven biscuits, cakes and delectable delights, which would result in many happy faces! It's my way of channelling my creative and adventurous baking works in a form that is both enjoyable and "escapable" from everyday life, but also to encourage and inspire others to give baking a go whenever and wherever you may be.

An insight into my London life

- I used to hate running: pounding the treadmill or pavements in dreary London weather was the worst idea in the world, but since joining a running club, I found it clears my head and no matter how many times (which by now has lessened with each run I go on) I want to stop, I know I can always finish. If you can run, you can run a race.

-I picked up tennis late in life, but love the finesse and style the game brings with it. Although British tennis has some way to go, there is nothing better than grabbing your friends and playing some mixed doubles in the city sunshine.

- London has been my base for my entire life and I am so happy that I have such easy transport links at my fingertips including the Eurostar which takes me to loved ones overseas. Saying that, I think more Londoners should explore on foot rather than jumping on the tube - we miss so much of London like this.

- I am also an artist with a penchant for text and maps. You can view my work at www.charlotteavent.co.uk.

- I have learnt that there is one thing we should carry with us each day: carpe diem. There really is no time like the present.

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