May 04, 2015

Moelleux au Chocolat avec le Caramel Salé

miam! Two words: Salted Caramel. Need I say more for mouths to start watering? I have no doubt in my mind that even if it weren't for Nigella drizzled in the sugary elixir on the cover of Stylist magazine back in 2011, people would still be demolishing it in spoonfuls straight from the jar (as one friend confessed to me this weekend after I gave them a jar of my home-made caramel salé a while back). 

So, it seems, that if you add the rapturous joy of caramel to any sort of dessert, you might just get more takers than usual... I was making these for a dinner party I hosted and wanted the perfect volcanic explosion of molten chocolate-caramel lava oozing from the epicentre. If you wanted to make these a little quicker, you can buy pre-made salted caramel in lots of supermarkets which works just as well. And I must say, I had a jar in the fridge which I was tempted to use but instead I took it out only for the regular "caramel-tasting breaks" which were highly required to stop me from reaching for the home-made stuff! Be prepared for what this golden liquid will do to your usually sane mind; do not let it's trickery fool you.

If you want to whip up a dessert to impress, that's quick, easy and well, let's be honest, won't last long on your dinner table, this is the one to pick. Serve hot, straight from the oven, with a scoop of the very finest vanilla ice cream or a splash of double cream.