January 19, 2014

Hot Chocolate Spoons

brown paper packages, tied up with strings; these are a few of my favourite things. Especially when inside, there's an indulgent surprise of hot chocolate for two! I made these just before Christmas to give to friends and family, but got so caught up in the craziness of the festive season, didn't end up blogging!

Using Peruvian Clove & Cinnamon and a Butterscotch milk chocolate for my two flavours, I went to work melting each separately and filling my mini paper cases with the glossy liquids. Rather than using lollipop sticks, I chose birch spoons and packaged up some pink and white marshmallows to either toast over the fire or pop atop the hot chocolate.

Buy some retro straws and candy canes to finish off a truly delectable treat. Nothing beats a creamy hot chocolate on a cold winter night...


Nutty Granola 

try and beat a good fry up on a Sunday morning and you'll be hard done by. However, put in minimal effort and for the health-conscious out there, you can make a breakfast that is both satisfying and will set you up for the day with a spring in your step. Grab your favourite nuts (pecans, almonds, brazil and hazelnuts work best), some good wholegrain oats, pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds and liberally drizzle acacia honey over your mixture, then bake on a low heat in the over for 45 mins or so. Let it cool and crunch up before serving with creamy greek yoghurt or milk.