September 29, 2013

Sticky Toffee Traybake with Salted Caramel Sauce

salted caramel sauce has become my new obsession. Like Nutella, you could probably eat spoonfuls of it straight from the jar. I made an easy traybake of sticky toffee pudding that contained dark brown sugars and dates to add variety. 

I then piped a chocolate icing over the top and served warm with thick caramel and cream. This came out more like a spongey brownie than the gloopy, syrup drenched puddings you might be used to finding. A little lighter in texture and not so cavity-inducing, it was a perfect alternative to keep everyone happy.


Super Chocolatey Ice Heart Biscuits

iced biscuits not only look too good to eat, but give you the chance to play around with colours and techniques; to let your creative streak run a little wild. Although it is time-consuming and requires quite a bit of patience, I had many of the family begging me for a go at icing their own biscuits. As it happens, not all baked quite so perfectly, which meant they could get stuck in!

I made these for the one and only Prunelle Grise to say Joyeux Anniversaire in more ways than one. I must admit, it was a difficult feat trying to keep them in the box...


Street Dancing Gingerbread Men

Des bonhommes en pain d'epice ├ętaient absolument mmmm! I have finally found my one and only, absolutely scrumptious, tantalisingly mouth-watering gingerbread recipe. This dough has both ginger and cinnamon, whilst the mixed spice adds a little twist to any standard recipe.

I made these gingerbread men for a little boy's 11th birthday. The theme for his party was "street dancing" so I gave each man a baseball cap and sneakers. Stick a collared shirt on them and finish up with some bright pants (not trousers - that is far too English). 

Place each one in clear cellophane bags, seal or tie up with ribbon and then hand out as a treat at the end of the party. Voila!


Plum Cake Crumble

plum crumble could not go a-miss with the hundreds of plums we picked last weekend from our plum tree, which sadly snapped from the weight of the plums. Yes, there were that many. I used wholewheat flour and no sugar in the mix to awaken the taste buds to the flavours of frangipane instead. 

Sprinkle with a little demerara sugar and flaked almonds before whacking it in the oven and only take it out once it's golden brown on top. Mix up one pint of custard and drizzle a little extra cream on top for a warming finish to a Sunday roast.