July 10, 2013

Honey & Almond Madeleines

only the best birthday present was handed over to me at the end of May...un moule a gateau pour les petites madeleines. I have been wanting to make these moist, sweet, buttery treats for such a long time, so finally, it was a real pleasure to give it my first (and best) attempt!

With a spoonful of honey (ok, 2 teaspoons to be exact), a scattering of ground almonds and the zesty peel of a lemon, they were packaged up fresh from the oven and only shipped to Monsieur Lemon Cake in Belgium. 

A couple of sneaky nibblers managed to steal a few before they were popped in the post. Seems like a 12-hole tin just wasn't enough...

1 comment:

  1. :-) Mr Lemon cake m'a dit que les "lemon madeleines" étaient délicieuses.
    Love XXX