October 28, 2012

a very lemon cheesecake

if there was ever a time that I needed a cheesecake hoovered up, I'd know just the person for the job. Full of rich, creamy philadelphia and giving the recipe a twist with the juice of 4 lemons, this dessert certainly won't let you down. For the best texture (as opposed to that of gelatine set cheescakes), bake this in a roasting tin of boiling water for an hour.

Follow Nigella's fail-safe recipe here.


October 07, 2012

pecan bourbon brownies

it's just too tempting to make another batch of brownies! Adding in pecans and a dash of bourbon whiskey, this indulgent treat gets a little bit more naughty. If you need to make them alcohol-free, add in a splash of milk instead. I'm sure there will be many a taker for a batch of these on the table.

Dan Lepard creates the perfect twist on a traditional brownie. Follow his recipe here.


October 02, 2012

pop tarts

who would have thought pop tarts could re-invent themselves in the 21st Century? Although you're not meant to 'pop' this version in your toaster, it is still a delicious treat with yummy jam inside and icing spread on top. Add sprinkles or hundreds and thousands for a child-like, nostalgic feel. 

Want to find out what your perfect pop tart would look like? Check out the many recipes for them here.