August 07, 2012

raspberry jam & clotted cream party rings
parties wouldn't be parties without the classic party ring. Go all out with pink raspberry filling, pink drizzled icing and even store them in a pink tupperware box. Beware - these are insanely moreish and perfect for the 4pm hunger pangs.

Check out the recipe here.


brie and cranberry bites
creating the perfect meal is never that easy, but impressing your guests with a little amuse-bouche will never be forgotten. Grab some lolly sticks from your nearest craft store and use them to make these irresistable cheesy bites. They'll disappear in seconds...


mini victoria sponges

isn't it great to be British! It's been a long time since my last post but as they always say - better late than never. An inspirational chat made me realise I needed to up my game and post all the scrumptious things that have been created in my kitchen. As a celebration to Her Majesty The Queen, for a fabulous Jubilee weekend, I made these delightful mini Victoria sponges (dangerously bitesize I must add) for the wonderful street party we had going.

Variation on the classic, see what went inside...