April 29, 2012

a super splendid pirate ship cake

to make one little boy exceedingly happy on his 13th birthday, I constructed the most marvelous cake of all missions so far: a pirate ship. With full sails and flags to ward off all other pirates that sailed the seven seas, this cake made his day.

I engraved the words 'Les Petits Filoup" meaning "The Little Rascals" on the stern of the ship - it was a perfect name for the ship as the little boy is called Loup.

Recipe from Fiona Cairn's "The Birthday Cake Book"


Oreo Brownies

someone i know is in love with my brownies. It doesn't matter what recipe I choose, they will gobble them up in an instant. Except, I like to experiment a little and have tried putting almonds, chocolate chunks, a lemony zing and lots more into various recipes...only to be told that the classic brownie is the best.

This time, however, I added broken bits of 1 packet of Oreos to my favourite classic brownie recipe and got no complaints whatsoever; only the sound of very happy tummies. 


Banana Butterscotch Batch

a little bit of butterscotch goes a long way...

After my Dad had a rather excitable banana buying spree in the supermarket, we ended up with a fruit bowl of soft (and slightly browning) bananas by the end of the week. Although banana bread is a simple, tried and tested recipe, I wanted to try something a little different and the introduction of butterscotch came into play. 

I baked this batch in the oven and then served it up with hot butterscotch sauce, recipe below.

As you can see, it went down a treat!