October 28, 2012

a very lemon cheesecake

if there was ever a time that I needed a cheesecake hoovered up, I'd know just the person for the job. Full of rich, creamy philadelphia and giving the recipe a twist with the juice of 4 lemons, this dessert certainly won't let you down. For the best texture (as opposed to that of gelatine set cheescakes), bake this in a roasting tin of boiling water for an hour.

Follow Nigella's fail-safe recipe here.


October 07, 2012

pecan bourbon brownies

it's just too tempting to make another batch of brownies! Adding in pecans and a dash of bourbon whiskey, this indulgent treat gets a little bit more naughty. If you need to make them alcohol-free, add in a splash of milk instead. I'm sure there will be many a taker for a batch of these on the table.

Dan Lepard creates the perfect twist on a traditional brownie. Follow his recipe here.


October 02, 2012

pop tarts

who would have thought pop tarts could re-invent themselves in the 21st Century? Although you're not meant to 'pop' this version in your toaster, it is still a delicious treat with yummy jam inside and icing spread on top. Add sprinkles or hundreds and thousands for a child-like, nostalgic feel. 

Want to find out what your perfect pop tart would look like? Check out the many recipes for them here.


September 26, 2012

nigella lawson's brownies

for my one and only...made with love and devotion at 11 o'clock at night. I can't complain as this is the best brownie recipe I have ever tried and people just keep coming back for more. 

This is from Nigella Lawson's book How to be a Domestic Goddess. I think I have mastered this art by now...

Savour and enjoy!


September 22, 2012

three-tier cupcakes

these three tier cupcake are just stunning for a white wedding. A little patience goes a long way. Just use a simple vanilla cupcake mixture recipe and bake in a combination of muffin, cupcake and mini-cupcake cases. 

Ice with a simple vanilla buttercream icing and stick royal icing circles on the top. Then, with a piping bag and some thick icing, create loop holes round each cupcake and stick a sugar rose on the top.

Serve on a plate with a doily for some old-fashioned fun.


crouching tiger, hidden zebra cake

play hide and seek with this beautifully striped cake. Technique is everything when making this scene-stopper. I couldn't resist a warm slice as soon as it was removed from the oven..

This is certainly not as hard as it looks and what an amazing name for a very impressive cake. It is certainly going into my favourites.

See how Loraine Pascale does it and check out her recipe below.


September 10, 2012

the classic bakewell tart

britain wouldn't be without it's bakewell tart. And this recipe does not disappoint! With a Bonne Maman raspberry jam base layer and freshly crushed raspberries to add a healthy kick to what would otherwise be a sugar-laden british dessert, I added a frangipane paste and a sprinkling of sliced almonds to make this tart a family favourite.

Check out the amazing Peyton & Byrne British Baking Book for this delicious recipe. 


August 07, 2012

raspberry jam & clotted cream party rings
parties wouldn't be parties without the classic party ring. Go all out with pink raspberry filling, pink drizzled icing and even store them in a pink tupperware box. Beware - these are insanely moreish and perfect for the 4pm hunger pangs.

Check out the recipe here.


brie and cranberry bites
creating the perfect meal is never that easy, but impressing your guests with a little amuse-bouche will never be forgotten. Grab some lolly sticks from your nearest craft store and use them to make these irresistable cheesy bites. They'll disappear in seconds...


mini victoria sponges

isn't it great to be British! It's been a long time since my last post but as they always say - better late than never. An inspirational chat made me realise I needed to up my game and post all the scrumptious things that have been created in my kitchen. As a celebration to Her Majesty The Queen, for a fabulous Jubilee weekend, I made these delightful mini Victoria sponges (dangerously bitesize I must add) for the wonderful street party we had going.

Variation on the classic, see what went inside...


April 29, 2012

a super splendid pirate ship cake

to make one little boy exceedingly happy on his 13th birthday, I constructed the most marvelous cake of all missions so far: a pirate ship. With full sails and flags to ward off all other pirates that sailed the seven seas, this cake made his day.

I engraved the words 'Les Petits Filoup" meaning "The Little Rascals" on the stern of the ship - it was a perfect name for the ship as the little boy is called Loup.

Recipe from Fiona Cairn's "The Birthday Cake Book"


Oreo Brownies

someone i know is in love with my brownies. It doesn't matter what recipe I choose, they will gobble them up in an instant. Except, I like to experiment a little and have tried putting almonds, chocolate chunks, a lemony zing and lots more into various recipes...only to be told that the classic brownie is the best.

This time, however, I added broken bits of 1 packet of Oreos to my favourite classic brownie recipe and got no complaints whatsoever; only the sound of very happy tummies. 


Banana Butterscotch Batch

a little bit of butterscotch goes a long way...

After my Dad had a rather excitable banana buying spree in the supermarket, we ended up with a fruit bowl of soft (and slightly browning) bananas by the end of the week. Although banana bread is a simple, tried and tested recipe, I wanted to try something a little different and the introduction of butterscotch came into play. 

I baked this batch in the oven and then served it up with hot butterscotch sauce, recipe below.

As you can see, it went down a treat!


March 24, 2012

Butterscotch Marshmallow Bars

when in doubt, make a batch of scrummy bars for people to pick up and devour. A nutty, gooey, delightful tray of butterscotch marshmallow goes down a treat - in my opinion, these can be too sweet for some and better cut into cubes like fudge. A little bit more interesting and for those that enjoy a melted marshmallow (or two), this one is perfect.

Don't give these to people with nut allergies. 

Try yours here:


March 18, 2012

Croissant Aux Amandes

breakfast in bed is not something you get every morning, so to make Mother's Day that little bit special, I baked some croissant aux amandes and served them with a frothy mug of Nespresso coffee...the perfect start to a pleasantly beautiful day. 

Try your hand at croissants and make someone smile.


March 17, 2012

Roasted Red Pepper & Goats Cheese Soup

it seems that winter is almost over; we'll be seeing the last of soups on our desks at work and more salads full of fresh, vibrant colours for lunch. i took this delightful soup into work with me almost on a daily basis this week (and didn't even tire of it come Friday). A good option for the last rain filled days before the clocks go forward. 

Adapt the below recipe as you wish - why not use feta cheese instead...


March 15, 2012

Chocolate Malteser Cake
with the launch of mini chocolate malteser Easter bunnies (a personal favourite I must add...), it goes without saying that the chocolate malteser cake should be unveiled. A spongy chocolate cake with buttercream icing perfectly whipped up with horlicks and cocoa, you'll not stop at only one slice...serve it up and everyone will be asking for the recipe!


March 11, 2012

Apricot & Syrup Sponge Puddings
the problem is that we always have crumble to finish off Sunday lunch. Saying that, I know how good crumbles can be; you can make such a variety with so many fruits and serve it up with home-made custard and cream...but today it just doesn't cut it. So as a surprise dessert, I've rustled up some apricot & syrup sponges, courtesy of Dan Lepard

Find out how here.


March 10, 2012

Oatmeal, red plum and almond muffins
there is always a debate about which tea is the best to have with cakes at 4pm. In our household, we have 3 popular names for the ones we love: Builders (English Breakfast), Woozzey (Earl Grey) and Peppy (Peppermint). My personal cuppa is a stong (ish) mug of Earl Grey and no sugar (especially when there's something yummy to go with it!) 

Make your own oatmeal, red plum and almond muffins with this recipe:


Rhubarb and custard cupcakes
what better a way than to kick off this blog with some of the most delicious cupcakes I've tasted. Rhubarb can be quite a nuisance in the sense that you're always looking for ideas for ways to cook with it. Well here we have it - the rhubarb and custard cupcake. With a springy soft vanilla sponge and a filling of creamy Madagascan vanilla custard, this is the perfect solution to afternoon tea. Add a swirl of pink and yellow icing on top and you're good to go. 

Here's how I made mine...